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May 17th-19th, 2024

Did you love sleep away camp as a kid? Or maybe you still feel like you missed out because your parents didn’t send you? Well, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Come to summer camp and bring the whole family for a magical experience along the Neuse River!

Three days and two nights of adventure! We’ll stay in climate controlled cabins and share family style meals! We’ll participate in summer camp activities and special nature-based programs.


Spots are limited, grab yours now!

Summer Camp Activities:

  • Swimming

  • S’mores

  • Archery

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Sailing

  • Canoeing

  • Free Play

  • Hayride

  • Challenge Course

Special Programs Include:

  • Pond Study

  • Stars and Constellations

  • Night Nature Hike

  • Fossil Dig

  • Reptile and Amphibian Biology

  • Pirate Folklore

  • Coastal Animals

  • Fish Anatomy

  • ...and more!


Important Details and Frequently Asked Questions.

What will we do?

We have a mix of typical summer camp activities and nature-based outdoor programming planned for the whole family! It will be the perfect blend of our current classes and fun. A reminder here- we're going to pack this weekend full of options, choose the pace that works best for your family!

Who can come?

This event is open to the public! You do not have to be currently enrolled in our programs to participate. Invite the grandparents, the high school student that wants to learn to sail, bring the neighbors, include the middle school kid that is suddenly too cool for you; everyone is welcome!

How much does it cost? 

For children over 4 years old and adults the cost is $198. Children 1-4 cost $98. Anyone under the age of 1 comes free!

Where are we going?

Longleaf Family Camp will be held at Don Lee Camp & Retreat Center. Our founder attended this camp as a child and loves going with her family. The address is 315 Camp Don Lee Road Arapahoe, NC 28510. It is about 2 hours from the Triangle.

Where will we sleep?

We have reserved climate controlled cabins for our stay. AC and heat are available for your comfort! Each family will stay in a private room with 2 or 4 bunk beds. Each cabin has 2 private indoor bathrooms with a sink, toilet, and shower.

What about food?

Five meals are included with the cost of registration. Dinner Friday night, 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Allergies and dietary preferences can be accommodated, no problem! Please include this information when you register. 

You are welcome to bring coolers with snacks and drinks to keep in your room or on the porch of your cabin. Ice, water, and coffee are always available at the dining hall.

Is this religious?

No. All of the programs that Longleaf Learning Collective offers are secular and aim to include people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Camp Don Lee is a faith-based camp, so you may see some religious symbols on site but our program will not be incorporating that into our event.

Packing List

What to bring to Family Camp:

  • Casual clothing

  • Closed toed shoes for hikes or team building activities

  • Bed linens or sleeping bag for single bed

  • Water Bottle

  • Towels/washcloths

  • Pillow

  • Personal toiletry items

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Bathing suit

  • River shoes to wear canoeing and sailing

  • Cooler with snacks for your cabin

Additional items you may want to pack:

  • Notebooks and pens

  • Personal art supplies

  • Books

  • Personal fishing gear

  • Folding camp or lawn chairs

  • Bicycles

  • Wagons or carts to help small children travel across camp

  • Personal fans when weather is hot

  • Personal small coolers for bringing ice back to cabins

  • Reusable coffee cup

  • Preferred life jacket for your child

  • Baby monitor so you can relax on the porch after bedtime

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